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Magic Shadow

Brow shading is a technique used to give brows a stellar semi-permanent makeup effect. The beauty of the Magic Shadow is that it allows clients to have perfectly groomed brows without the need to shade them regularly.

Course Description

Magic shading is the newest trend in eyebrow semi-permanent makeup. It gives a brow a soft shaded pencil look. It is a painless procedure creating a more natural looking brow, rather than one solid colour. It gives great definition and depth to the brows. Whether the client is looking for a light soft shading or show-stopping bold brows, it can be customized according to the client’s desire.


Students will receive their completion certification immediately after class.
Full certification is given after TWO (2) models are completed outside of class and graded.

Course Breakdown

  • Intro to Magic Shadow

    Learn technique styles, designs, brow mapping, cover-ups, colour theory, health and safety and more to launch or enhance your career in the beauty industry.

  • Comprehensive Theory

    Achieve the highest education and gain in-depth knowledge of Brow Shading to provide your clients with the best results.

  • Colour Theory

    Learn how to differentiate which colour pigments to use on each individual client, how to mix shades together and how to change colours that heal to tones you do not want.

  • Magic Shadow Technique

    Our 3-dimensional magic shadow technique will teach you how to add to microblading and leave your clients brows looking fuller and more natural than ever.

What's Included

  • 16 Hours of Training
  • Professional Mini Kit ($400 Value)
  • Completion Certificate
  • Magic Shadow Advanced Certificate
  • Marketing Material


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